Here's a full breakdown of the latest fashions which hit as the Nineties progressed.

If you're going to a 90s party and need a 90s costume, start here. To see photos of all these fashions, take a look at the Fashion Photos page.

Early 90s

Mid 90s

Late 90s


• High-waisted, loose around the thighs, tapered at the bottom
• Leggings
• Cycling shorts
• Slimmer-fit, high-waisted, tapered trousers, ending at the ankle • Narrow bootleg
• Extreme flairs
• Hipster trousers
• Combat trousers


• Short 'tube' skirts in jersey material • High-waisted A-line mini skirts • High-waisted A-line mini skirts
• Hipster knee length A-line skirts


• Baggy t-shirts
• 'Bodys'
• Waistcoats worn over baggy shirts
• Waist-length or cropped tight t-shirts and jumpers
• T-shirts with cartoons, slogans and logos
• Shirts and t-shirts worn under jumpers and tank tops
• Sleeveless shirts, tied at the waist
• Slim fit shirts in stretchy, slinky material (especially in 70s prints)
• Printed t-shirts
• Long-sleeved ‘retro’ t-shirts


• Tight 'bodycon' dresses • Tunic-style dresses over shirts or t-shirts
• A-line shift dresses
• A-line shift dresses


• Puffa jackets
• Denim jackets
• Puffa jackets in velvet or shiny fabric
• Denim jackets
• Cropped blazers
• Leather jackets (especially vintage 70s style)
• ‘Suit’ jackets
• Knee length tailored jackets


• Geometric (random geometric shapes)
• Floral
• Tartan
• Check
• Gingham
• Floral
• 60s/70s geometric prints


• Denim • Mohair
• Chenile
• Velour
• Velvet
• Lace
• Satin
• Velour
• Velvet
• Lace
• Satin
• Stretch polyester


• Neons • Pastels
• Bright / citrus colours
• Purple, orange, olive green


• Flat, clumpy lace-ups
• Doc Martens
• Skater trainers
• 'Running' trainers with thick-soles
• Platform trainers (especially ‘Buffalo’ trainers)
• Lace-up shoes with thick rubber soles and rubber toe-caps (known as 'Palladiums')
• Dolly shoes with thick mid-height heels
• Loafers with thick mid-height heels
• Court shoes with thick, low heels
• Knee-high boots
• Skater trainers
• 'Running' trainers
• Flat, 'solid platform' shoes


• Chunky gold jewellery
• Scrunchies
• Thick black leather belts with silver buckles, worn with high-waisted jeans
• 'Choker' necklaces in ribbon or cord, with pendants
• Kangol hats (especially berets and flat caps, in mohair)
• Mini rucksacks (especially in PVC)
• Over-knee socks
• Hair grips with jewels, flowers and butterflies, worn high up at the front of the hair
• Chain belts


• Full-volume, unstraightened and swept to the side
• One-length bobs
• Short, neat, slicked down
• Intricate up dos (involving twists, boufants and back-coming)
• Straight and flicked out at the bottom with a middle parting
• Bunches
• Long, with a middle parting
• Shorter layers at the front with chunky blond streaks
• Layered and flicky (‘The Rachel’)